forever stuck with these feelings I can’t place 

and these words I can’t say

always running around in my mind

lost and looking for that light that should lead me home

or at least to a place that feels like it

tired of grasping at the life that keeps slipping through my fingers

like grains of sand

sick to the bone of holding back the tears that aren’t coming

looking at the world through the eyes of a tired man

it seems like I’m on the wrong side of a two way mirror

staring back at myself instead of seeing the world on the other side

they say to put a step here and another there

and you will get to where you are going

but I’m going nowhere and the journey is wearing 

it is bland and cold and the leaves that fall around my feet 

all died before they even left the trees

still I put a foot here and another one there

but I don’t feel the ground beneath me 

I don’t hear the sounds around me 

And I can’t see the sun above me

What good are eyes that can’t watch a sunset?

Or hands that can’t hold a lover right?

Of what use is a heart that can feel no delight?

Sometimes I wish I could be more 

Than the sum of all my failures 

But deep down I already know

That I am just but a prisoner to my nature

So lie to me and tell me 

That it’s going to be alright

Sell me that hope that seems so hard to find

I don’t care if my world is to burn down tonight

I don’t care to see it at all


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