Pain and Relief



The soft petals of a red rose under your fingertips
The taste of a thorn inside your palms
The blood that drips from your closed fist
When you try to take it by the stem
The pain and the red relief of a love that eventually dries up

The death of a memory is often a silent affair
It’s a whisper that slides down the strands of your hair
When the winds of change blow over your shoulders
I blinked and you were gone
I woke up from the last dream I had of you
And I felt the smile you wore with your blue dress
Slip past my conscious mind to get lost
Beneath the trap doors that trapped all the things I wanted to say to you
And all I was left with was the smell that I couldn’t connect
Forever trapped in the folds of the silk scarf
That you left laid out on the side of the bed
Where you used to lie

The lifespan of a fiery love
Is as short as the seconds that end it
For it is only but the nature of a fire to burn out
To leave the ashes to fade away

You were like cold water running over my scalded skin
I was the ice and the snow that was white with sin
My hands leave black marks wherever they’ve been
But you were mean with the way that you let me touch you
The cracks on the surface of your illusions of me
Invited me in
But you were mean with the ways that you let me touch you

I was never perfect but neither were you
I was never strong enough for all the pain you put me through
You with your sharp tongue and
You with your kind mind
You were the contrast on my perfect shades of blue
I came to love following the light of your footsteps
But the higher you go the further you fall
And the darkness always claims it’s own.


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