Mortal Man

I will contribute a little of myself
To your suffering
If you pass by here again
With arms stretched open
Seeking for relief
It is only pain that you will find
If the world doesn’t start today
If the skies turn to grey
I will still find a way
To break you down a little more

The earth does not forget
And I am an aching need for revenge
I am the sea on a moonless night,
Seething, screaming in the storm,
I will swallow you whole
I am all the mistakes you will never forget
Calling out, clawing at your conscience
I will be the sand that fills your grave
The small sound of whispering grains
Singing sweet dirges in your ears

The Bible teaches forgiveness
And glorifies the wrath of God
It speaks of a peace
That lives through doors stained with blood
I will paint the gates of heaven with your blood
I will deliver you as a martyr to Jesus’ feet
And maybe you can blame him
For he never taught you the futility of repentance
In the arms of a mortal man  


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