As she got close to the lock on the steel door, a shadow suddenly blocked the portion of light from the corridor bulb right behind her. She froze in a second of surprise and a bit of fear. She turned slowly but not too slowly and clutched the ray in her hands a little tighter. He was tall and slender and he looked a little unbalanced. He was definitely a boy. Just then, he stepped aside and started walking to her by the wall, in the glare of the light. She saw his face and he was smiling. His hair was a little shaggy and his red tie was hanging loose from his half tucked white shirt. He wore a black pair of trousers and they had to be sneakers because of how soft the thuds came when he moved. She smiled back as he reached her.
“Hey.” He said, still smiling.
“Hi.” She replied.
Up close, he smelled a little of weed.
She couldn’t wait.

She was still in that light blue cotton dress that they made all the girls at the school wear, with knee length black boots that made sure just the right part of her legs under her thighs were exposed. He thought he could hear his heart beat with enchantment. He couldn’t help but smile. Her hair was all around her ears in thin dreads that fell just short of her shoulders. He could tell a hint of red lipstick across her perfect lips. Intoxicating. In her hands, she held a small tray close to her chest and she almost looked a little vulnerable. But just as she reached her, she smiled back at him and lit his world on fire.

She opened the door with one try while he stood behind her, calming the night that rushed in from outside. They stepped outside together and he turned and locked the door as she waited at the foot of those half stairs. He turned back and stepped down to her and hugged her. Delicately and not for too long. She felt the faint trace of his back bone through his shirt as she hugged him back.
“You got it?” she asked, taking a step back when he let go.
As a reply, he reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a joint, straight and neatly rolled.
“Of course.”
They sat down next to the wall on a small bench that they’d brought here together not so long ago. The building was a dining hall that also doubled as a kitchen. It had been converted from someone’s house when their hostels had been built just over the fence. It was a very convenient and effective set-up and the nursing school had been immensely proud of it. He was close to her and she felt his arm against his at the elbows, felt the tiny sparks that raced through her hairs. The excitement built up inside her a little more and she felt wet with joy. But he was speaking.
“I hope we have food for later.”
“Uh huh. Or else you are going to go get it in your boxers.”
He laughed for a second before he leaned a little into her and placed the joint between her lips then held a lighter over it. He leaned back and watched as she drew in a long puff. When she next opened her eyes and blew out, he thought he could spell paradise in the smoke.

He had been eating alone, at a table by the door seemingly lost in the book that was next to his plate. His backpack was beside the novel the other side of the plate and his left elbow was resting on it supporting his chin. He did not realize when everyone else left. She had been with a group of hearty friends who chatted away in low delight with an occasional burst of laughter. She had decided to stay behind after everyone had left though. She would help clean the tables. The matrons appreciated her help. They had worked silently around him for about three minutes when the other two women left. She promised to lock up for the night, after he had left. The women had smiled knowingly but said nothing. They had just left and she was just done with her last table when he left his bag and his book and followed her into the corridor.

Thirty minutes later, she was pressed by her back on that special shelf that he’d said his grandfather and left his mother. Her hands were locked in one of his above her head and his body was almost crushing into hers. The buttons on her dress, which were at the front, had all been opened and her belt had been untied. His other hand was on her flat stomach, a few inches below the dark blue bra that she had worn that day. Her dress rose a little further up her thighs on her sides as he had set her above him on the shelf’s base against the books. He was bare-chest and she burned to run her fingers on his narrow muscles. His belt was unbuckled but it still clung to his trousers that still clung to his legs.
Then, he was kissing her.

It wasn’t frantic. But it was not tender either. What it did, was leave both of them breathless. She wrapped around his waist with the long legs, still in boots and let he let her hands drop to his shoulders. He held her there and sought to delve even further into her mouth. But just before he did, she suddenly said.
“I’m hungry!”
Confused for a moment, he asked.
But she was already driving both of them across the room and tumbling onto his bed. She stretched out over him and grabbed a chocolate bar from his nightstand. She broke two pieces in her mouth. Then she sat, straddling him at the waist. She looked directly into his eyes as the dress fell from her shoulders in a bundle around her ass. A small naughty smile as she sucked at the chocolate.
“Come on baby,” she said,


2 thoughts on “A Boy, A Girl and Some Weed

    1. Thank you mistressence..
      I’m glad you like it..
      If I find a way to lessen my distractiveness I’ll definitely write a novel and you’ll get the first copies ☺☺

      Ps. I love the name

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