It is a little cold in my bones
The way you don’t wrap around me
She said as she teared
In that voice she owns
Is it choice or is fear?
That you keep loving me in halves

And I said
Baby, you have no idea
I am half man as I am half devil
The animal that ravishes you between the sheets
He whispers to me when you sleep
He wants to eat you,
He lusts for tearing you apart
You see?
I can only love incompletely.

She tempts fate
The way she looks past my surface
Into His eyes
And with those two splendid feet
She dances on her graves
He knocks and He asks
I fight and she pleads
But he is stronger
And she
My God, the way she bleeds.

I am you
And everything else that you dread to be
You know she wants me
The way she licks my claws
The way she sticks to my tongue
Give her to me and stop all our pain
I promise she will not suffer.
But if I was to take her
It will be by her throat and by her corpse.

He came with that great fire of ’09
I must have left my doors open
She did not scream but she wept
Silently, like a still river
In that dream I had
He was as naked as the darkness
And he picked apart her ribs
And he dug out her heart
And he took her.


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