All the waves that kissed the sands tonight,
All the raves that broke the shores and shells,
The ships that sailed above the storms,
The cyclones that swallowed the islands whole
Every sword that dripped of blood
Struck and end,
At the hands of another’s stone

All the pieces of shattered hearts that you leave in your wake,
As you chased that elusive illusion of Self,
Line the walls that protect your desires,
And bleed you deep to your grave.
The ghosts you abandoned in search of light,
Will haunt the peace out of your borrowed happiness
The innocence that you robbed from your youth
Makes the regrets that lose you sleep
A lifetime of sins later

To live is to die what the soul is to dust,
To die is to live if your life has the shadows of guilt,
A cruel man’s fire burns a rod into a spear,
And angry mob’s spear silences the man’s throbs.
If you listen, you will hear
The whispers of the air as it speaks to the winds,
‘Blow his house away; destroy the last straws of his will
You are no more master of your fate
Than I am a force from the gods
I am an instrument of the universe
Reclaiming what belongs to you not.’

I come from a love that was born in the smoke
A little magic that the stars lent the mortals
I am my parents’ less that I am the stars’
I am for myself no more than she was for me
Even on the nights that she fit inside my hands
And the mornings that I locked myself in her thighs,
I never really had her.
I lost her to time and she lost me to love,
In love
For in the same way that hate swallows its hosts
Love reclaims its best.




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