All That You Are

You are what you are,
You are what you feel,
The things that define you are not how you look
What you talk or how you walk,
And the complexion of your skin does not determine the color of your soul
You may be terrible, oh god, you may be wicked,
You may be filled with hate,
And anger and vileness to the brim,
Your heart may be poisoned,
But that does not make you bad.
For who are we to say what is poison and what is not,
Does love not kill you faster than indifference?
Don’t the good die young?
But if we are to die,
Then let us die in love.
Let the shadows of greed for possession,
Contempt for the government and disgust of wars
Be illuminated by the full moon of love.
Because equally as dark as you cast, equally as radiant that you shine
May the cosmic energies that we are,
Shelter the inconceivable non-boundaries of our universe.
Our feeble minds and our fleeting knowledge Our sense of self and illusion of good
Of god and our fear of angels
The disregard of religion that has flown through our veins
All the kinds of wrong that we are
All the different forms of right we fight to be,
All the little pieces that don’t fit,
All that we are


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