Seven Death Days

I heard the opening door drag like an executor’s scythe through the floor. Slicing aside the mat and letting me see the consequences of my sins.

I ran like light but it was a little too slow to catch you as you heart raced away like a mouse fleeing from its tempter.

I should have been weaker and you should have been stronger but you were more and I just tell myself that in the middle of the night to keep away the nightmares that scream it was ALL MY fault.

All my faults and all my flaws, all the things you said made me human and wouldn’t keep you away, the same insanity that drew you in now chases you out.

All the demons you courted and helped aim away from my soul are the ones that frighten your heart out.

But if I am them as much as they are me, you should know that they’ll never harm you.
I guess the safety that my partial sanity assured you now lies crumbled on the floor.

Together with the bedside table and my dignity and the books on the shelf that you had curved for me on my 22 birthday

The hole in the mirror on the wall still holds the reflection of the things that I was a fifteen minutes ago. The two seconds I was lost in them. The two seconds that I lost you

I saw the shadow you cast on the marble stones as you cried your way away. I felt it in my heart. It gave birth in my bedroom bathroom and lay cover upon my house.

It’s been seven lifetimes since you left and seven deaths I died. The shadow though, has forever lived in me.


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