Whisper me to the Wind.

Your heart says I’m perfect
Your mind warns I might be broken
You feel complete by my side
But at the same time you are cracking open
When your mind won’t listen
To your heart that won’t quieten
Whisper me to the wind,
And float away to serenity.

Your mom thinks I’m dangerous
Your dad doesn’t know about us
But your mom is dead anyway, and only comes in your dreams
Even when you are dead and away, I’ll be in your dreams
When the night is cold
And despair attacks, strong and bold,
Whisper me to the wind,
And change the color of your fate.

Dark and deep, inside your own head
Cut and burn the wires that cursed your bed
I’ll be your curse, I’ll be your miracle
I will be the monster inside your bed.
Keeping you safe from those beneath it
In their clawing and torments and vile intentions
Whisper me to the wind
That passes by the shadows you cast on your wall,
And I will be your salvation.

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