She stood by the riverside and watched the world trail by in slow motion

In the colossal mess before her eyes she could pick out the condo that housed her own existence. How in turmoil and discordance with the other condos but still perfectly aligned to each other in similarity and union. Together, they made a huge mess in the middle of this heavenly jungle that forced the jungle to dig it into a ditch and make a river of disturbance out of it. She could not remember how she came by to this universe, or even more baffling, how she left her own universe. But you see, she still believed in the existence of this universe. She read and explored in her heart of hearts the beauty of the mere existence of this universe. For it meant they were not still alone. You she, was both for her universe as she was in the other universe. In equal proportions. She would not destroy the other for the other or even help the other from the other. They were both just little children around a homely fire listening to the old woman’s stores. Jamming along to Bob Marley and getting higher than the length of the stars. She was this children, not in them but not without them. Am I confusing you?

The little girl is a little clearer.

We fit into each other like uneven cords in a huge puzzle. Even though we make a perfect pattern our insides are made of wars and revolutions. I reach down, beseechingly to my kin trying to help them a little; to be perfect in their differences, like the same shape but different colors, but they do not feel my helping hand.  I saw myself on the way to school with my little bag because my dad was passed out drunk by the couch and couldn’t take me anywhere. My mother was drunk with dirt six feet beneath our feet. I saw how I ignored the obvious sign of the helping hand of myself trying to push little things to place. I was pained by my obliviousness.

Now, this is for god and for no god. It is also equally for our universe, where all stands in chaos. And unity. This is for me as it is for you. Worry not about the impossible, instead marvel at the flow you feel in your heart. And in the air and the trees and the stardust from a billion other universes.  Feel the love and believe in that. 


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