Will you be there?
At the onset of that dusk
That comes as swift as a blink
When my fading daylight
Retreats to behind that blue-black horizon
And gives way to the ominous black, black night
Will you be there?

Will you still stay?
When in the dead of night you find me
Standing behind your stained bathroom mirror
Will you hover behind me like a predator?
Skulk around like a protector
Or will you recoil in the fear of the prey
Will you still stay?
When you catch my eyes in the distorted reflection,
Only to find a stranger staring back
Will you still stay?

Will you still trust my madness?
That five a.m. Monday morning,
When your nightmares slowly start to reconcile with dawn
As I reach down your throat
And pull out your heart,
Because you said it belongs to me,
Will you still believe that I’m insane only for you?


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