Light me up.
Like a half candle in the middle of a black out night
Strike that match and give me life
I hope you burn the tips of your fingers in the dark
Just so you would know the taste of fire and pain
There’s a furnace in the chambers of your lungs
And yet, you still send me down,
Like more coal to burn an already speeding steam train
Headed towards a giant hole on the rails

Breathe me in.
Roll your eyes to the back of your brain and listen to it wail
Lead me to the fog in the dying trees within
Just another fist of mist, just another layer of poison,
To coax out the misfortune you so much desire
As I roll through your system and your veins
On my way to numb the senses in your brain,
Be wary of the invisible threat that my children will bear.

Spit me out.
Like you do with everything and everyone you no longer need
Blow me away to drift in the winds of a colourless night
I will float to oblivion with my incompleteness
The vicious half of me still stuck inside you
I pray they hatch into pieces of broken glass,
Cut you open in the middle of an abandoned road
So you bleed out cold and alone.


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