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I want to undress you in the middle of a moonlit light,
And watch as the lustrous rays bounce off your nakedness and reveal the truth behind all that fabric,
I want to peel off every mask you’ve ever worn to shield yourself from the world,
Slowly, with the precision of a surgeon, studying the flinches that exposure arouses
I want to know why your eyes speak of so much pain,
But your voice wavers not when you sing along to the sad tales of depression.
I want to go on a journey inside of your heart,
And follow the path of cracks that dig so deep almost tearing you apart,
I want to get lost for eons on the dark side of your soul,
Without a harness to reel me back out or a lighthouse to guide me safely to shore
I want you to lead me astray in the ways of the forbidden desires that trouble you
I want you to make me that black place in your backyard where those evil thoughts come to rest.
If you say no, I will weave of you an image of fine silk in my dreams,
So that each night, we’d dance to heaven’s tunes and the angel’s flutes
Like a tin soldier, I will stand steadfast in your corner,
Maybe a little out of sight but just sufficiently full that you forget not of my presence
I will wait out the shells and dropping bombs like a titanium bunker inside the earth
My hide might burn and scar, but the contents of my insides will remain untouched,
Without blemish
I will brave this pregnancy, nine months and more, just to see what feeling it will bring forth.
You might be off in the galaxies, in pursuit of finer things,
You might be still, six feet underground, in the company of the worms.
But I pour solemnity upon this vow,
The test of time shall fail miserably at the heart of my patience
And the seasons will grow old gazing up on this unchanging feeling of mine.
If however you say yes,
If all rationality fails you and you decide to let me in,
Then I will unstring you from my dreams and wear your essence on me like a crown
We’d light up all around the both of our worlds like Christmas morning,
No fog and no snow will cast any chill at the fires of our desires.
I promise you not of a steady tomorrow,
But of a breathtaking today lost in things we not yet understand.


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