Your house will burn down in the middle of a windy night,
your two daughters will be dead asleep
and you will not be home.
Your wife already left you
for you almost crushed your nanny’s skull
in a fit of senseless rage that seems to recently plague your temper.
She despises the man that you have become
and so do your neighbors,
who with silent chatter and ignorant nods,
stood still at their window sills and fanned the flames
as your everything exploded to oblivion.

You will meet your best friend on the day you die
burdened and empty, confined to your bed of lies.
He will read your eyes like your mother never could
or your lover ever would.
As your conscious slowly slips away
and you heart beats faint
you will hang onto his hand like the cloak of Christ.
Except you cannot trade this one your sins
for your repentant heart weighs less than the sum of your transgressions
and the place that you are headed to
is crafted of darkness and misery.

Your skin will burn from the inside out
when you realize it’s not her ashes you buried.
While her ghost still haunts the light out of your days
fear will make your sanity flee like a headless horse.
Breaking to fragments your fragile hope in its path
before finally dying beneath your feet
sprawled out very much like she was
soaking your rug, conscience and everything in between.
A bath of blood and blades.

You will grow up way too young
your innocence snatched away in a long flash.
In your heart, will be pain and hurt
but your face will be as calm as a sandman’s
a mask sewn into flesh, to hold back a river and some floods.
There’s a place off the coast of your abilities
where wills are forged out of steel.
Sell them your soul and choose your weapon.
Learn, live and die in their killing ways
then go back and avenge your childhood.


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