Vicious Circle


I want to take your solace,

You know I can

But I do not want to die

I maybe heartless but I can still feel the cold

You are like a disease that plagues my soul

I’ll leave you tonight and never want to return

But you haunt my dreams and knock at my walls

Until everything falls

I can see you are lonely,

But not for my love

You say you lie awake most nights,

Thinking of us

But the fire that you desire does not any longer reside in me

It burnt away the last time you were around to light it.

So draw me back to you like a magnet

Play with my strings as one does with a puppet

I can only promise to leave you emptier than I found you

And it would still be a lot wholesome than you’ve made me.

They say the eyes speak the language of the soul

And an overflow of the heart also leaks into it,

I read your eyes like the pages of a secret diary

Only to drown in the flood of raw emotion

In essence, I was in you as you were in me,

But that was a long time ago, before the storms.

Now we are just strangers with memories,

And a cosmic connection,

Too painful to pursue.

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