The silence screams with deafening echoes,

And hollows pile into the depths of me,

Something crawls out of the bottoms of my despair,

The forbidden feeling you should never see,

Ripping open the fresh sores,

Cutting through the piled up rubble,

That is the aftermath of the recent fire inside.

But so little is barely left of me,

That hangs me so loosely on the rugged edge,

Weak and fragile, my heart leans over your ledge,

The miserable little fragments that’s left of it,

While the demons that rose with the desolation,

Clamour in my head with rage and desperation,

And my whole being cries out for your presence,

Deep down to my very essence,

But I have nothing left to give,

For my heart barely beats enough for one.

So I’ll trample on your hopes just to have you leave,

Save yourself from the doomed road that is my destiny,

And I’ll wander around in the darkness,

Collecting the scattered pieces of me.


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