Fading stars trickle down your curves and dim at your feet.
Because you are just that place where everything comes to die
Your soul’s at the bottom, next to where your regrets lie.
Covered by the years and the bodies you’ve claimed.
Your heart still beats a little though,
Its pieces held together by parts no longer yours.
And the blood that flows through your flawed veins,
Is the colour of a poisoned earth; dull and dark.
At the start of your stained history,
There’s an enigma of a father,
His face clouded in a shroud of mystery
And a frail mother with the heart of a lion
One day, on a mid western summer’s afternoon,
When the flowers sang and the promise of life hung in the air,
The cord snapped; that which held you all in place.
Then, as incomplete cogs fall apart in a beast machine,
Your family crumbled to dust in the split of a second.
He took her from you.
And as she bled out at your feet and soiled your innocence,
He too paid the ultimate price, albeit in your self-defense.
Henceforth you were claimed by the world of misfortune.
It covered your scars and dolled you up in colors of deceit.
Hiding the decaying underneath beneath a seductive smile
Lovers and foes fall in their scores and wilt in defeat,
You burn the remains on the haunted side of your charred soul
But still, some fight in you grew like a phoenix from the ashes.
And after a while,
When your self-contempt filled over the heart in your hole,
You broke away.
Seven years of solitude, fear and emptiness later,
The past knocked on your door, an old bag of your ghosts at its feet.
“Hello old friend. We missed you”
Her mother baptized her Antonia.
But the gods call her Morticia.


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