In Her Sleep

With labored breath and snow white eyes,
As cold as her skin and paler than the walls,
She lay in pain as life slowly escaped her lips.
With each struggled word, she counted her minutes,
And they strolled away in leaving mockery
Ironically, her heart bet wilder than sorcery
And echoed in her throat louder than thunder
As she leaned on the edge of oblivion,
Her soul toying at the brinks of nothingness,
Her spirit screamed out for redemption,
Ruggedly on cue with the EKG’s motions
The doctors and straps pinned down her arms,
As her resilience clashed viciously with her flailing organs
Her existence stood eye to eye with fate’s barreled guns
Its eyes gazed into the dark chambers of death’s home
And she saw the bullets carved with her name,
Marked for exit, slow blunt and warm
As she fell to her knees in mock surrender,
Her fortitude towered over her like a guardian angel,
And lifted her up on the flimsy thread of hope
She felt her heartbeat skip a beat and then stop.
But she broke away and thumped her at chest
As the reaper cast her name with the departed lot,
She clenched her fists and fought.
She fought.
She fought for everything she was and for everything they were,
Through dark clouds and smoke, thick, a misty blur,
Fueled by eternal love and sacred promises to keep,
She battled the agents of death in her troubled sleep
Away from the light back into his darkness
Guided by the dull ache of his presence
She slay and missed and cut through the fierce beasts,
Until she felt his cold fingertips at the base of her wrists,
Then opened her eyes into the warmth of his patient gaze


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