You and I

If the silence of our heartbeats is too loud for closed doors, let us explore the wilderness tonight. If the warmth of our breaths is too hot for four walls then let’s set ourselves free in the cold midnight air. As we lock bodies and drench the already wet grass with the raw passion that drips from our bodies, we shall live in our dreams for this moment in time and pretend like everything is alright.

There is that full moon i promised you and here are these tender arms that missed you. If the sweet scent of the night kissed you, and you felt alive with all the desire trapped inside the small folds of its existence, then you would have felt everything my lips are dying to tell your body. And, oh, my, is it a long story? A story that finds its beginning at the top of your head and has its roots firmly planted in the dark locks of your hair. Down through the perfect curves that wind through your body like a wild river. A river with clear waters as blue as the skies and is the tiniest bit exotically dangerous, like the light that dies in your eyes.

Eyes that could still time at will. Eyes that stole my heart with a single glance. Accidentally, on purpose or otherwise, the glance that captured the feral ways of my spirit. Your eyes tell a story that my heart knows all too well. That is probably why i can read them so easily, because it takes a devil to know a devil. And your story that is buried beneath your enchanting gaze harbours the same kind of blades that are buried deep in my past.

But oh, how beautifully you wear your pain, like a coat of magnificence that glows off your skin with the light of a beautiful dusk. And that effect is so unspeakably inviting and terribly desirable, like all forbidden things. My mind warns me that you are a bad idea but the rest of me is dying to explore you in ways that consume even the most rational parts of my brain. And I want to sail away in you, get lost in your unspoken promises of a better life, a happier life. Far away from both our previous stories.

We could write our own stories, you and I. A story that tells of hope after misery and laughter after sadness. And you won’t have to hide your pain anymore in your dull eyes. You will learn to forget it and I’ll remember to adore you all the same. Even as your eyes shine with all the life that is newly found in them and the sadness shades off in the perfect light of joy, you still would be wrapped around my heart, maybe even a little tighter than before.

But no, that shall not be our story. We still shall have a story alright. And they will write books about us and depressed kids will memories quotes from it by heart. Entire volumes about an astronomical collision between a pair of broken souls, a tale of obsession in turbulent waves and the gaping holes in both our hearts. We shall soar up the highest clouds like mighty eagles, and then fall down to the rocks faster than the dead ones. And the knives in my past, i will use to carve new scars into your heart as you will do to mine. You will watch me bleed as i nurse your wounds. I will get high from your pain and your screams shall be my lullabies and I will love you with a fierce fire that will burn both our lives to a condemned eternity, together.


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