Of the entire wild stars that gathered in her eyes,
Blue and bright like a golden midnight
The little ones caught him the most,
They enchanted the nails out of his heart
And whispered hope back into his soul,
Once upon a time, so lost
With their soft edges and righteous glow
They gave her eyes the life of a thousand night skies
The kind of life he wished he had
That love kind of life that had poisoned his blood
Once upon a time
And the promise that her eyes held
Radiated through her body and died at her lips
A deliberately delicate voice that rode the wind
And blew all his defenses away

Time, fickle as the seasons, wasted away
And so did his heart, away from the cage he’d built it.
Just when it’d drifted a little out reach
Past the borders inside which he could call it his
She cradled it in her arms
And she pulled out the stitches
One by one.


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