Somewhere I Belong

There’s a certain alignment of stars on cold nights,

For cold nights have clear skies and lonely eyes,

That feast upon the vastness that so much reflects their emptiness,

And spot the patterns hidden in all of nature’s lights.



These patterns lay in symmetrical order,

And are the embodiment of what should be,

Like the white cases of soft piano keys,

That sing the same tune every single time,

There’s always somewhere you belong,

Even the lost, in all the lostness and confusion,

Fit somehow amidst the silence and darkness.


I’ve had a corner in the shadows for a while,

And I’ve had shadows in my corner for a little longer,

A bleeding heart and a broken spirit,

Lightless and cold, aware but absent

Then, just like the legends of the old,

Ageless and great with all they hope they hold

You strayed in like a lost ray of light,

Coursing a path through the darkness,

Waking the dead memories of a fading soul

So I followed behind, charmed and drawn as a moth to flames,   

Shading off yesterday like a layer of troubled burdens


So, deliberately slow and steady,

You let me catch up when I was ready,

To destination unknown and a future unexplored,

Step by step betwixt sloppy kisses,

Shaky embraces and nervous laughs

Somewhere I belong.  




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