Shadow Of Promise

There are some shadows that light your way,

ImageThey guide you in the dark, and stay close by,

So that you’re not totally lost

But I’m afraid I can’t follow this shadow,

Not this time around.

Even though you may lead to who I really am

Even though you may save me from all these chains that hold me firm,

I’d rather be lost on my own,

Because some battles just can’t be won,

For I’ll have to burn all bridges to get where you want us to go,

Flame them up and get high on the smoke,

Thick in the air with all the painful memories,

The promise that maybe, someday those will just be stories,

Still, if you cut me open and impel the entire world’s courage into me,

If you poured all hope into the empty pits in my heart,
Futility and despair will greet you like old friends,

Whispering in frost into your left ear,
“We are here to stay”

So goodbye, shadow of promise

Pass me by and prize your next trophy

Don’t let me know if he survives your passage. 


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