The world revolves in space around a billion other systems and planets. All that mass had to weigh on something so God created life forms in all the systems as a sort of entity to balance out the astronomical equation. Though science does not really acknowledge the involvement of a supreme being in the process, we all have some place in our hearts that’s reserve for a little faith.


But sometimes that weight is not necessarily equally distributed across everyone and everything in the universe. It bears down a little extra on some people like it’s reserved for two. Or maybe three. Sometimes it’s so much that the mere mortal it crushes upon threatens to crumble or just fold in altogether. When they feel more than they can handle and then the questions start. They question the fairity (if that’s even a word) of the realms and that of their master. Because it cannot simply be possible that all that was meant for one person.


They look for answers in the atmosphere that’s not always forthcoming with response. They search for solutions in the whispers of the winds and the rustling of leaves but all that seems vain and futile.

And even that sun that shines bright on their misfortune seems to smile down enigmatically at their plight.


And when they traverse to the corners and ends of the world without tangible results, when even the shells they carve for themselves cannot shelter them from the plagues that hunt them down, the universe finally calls them home. Home to join all other similar souls and get mixed in the sands of time as relics that only gifted eyes could be able to recognize.


And then, only then, does the world notice the gap left by their absence. 

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