Gone Like The Wind


Thunder and ramblings troubled the skies,

And like a lone boat, lost in the stormy seas,

She lay in the midnight, strangely at peace.

As the darkness gathered in her wild eyes,

She saw a light flash in the slow seconds.

Illuminations of a lost life and a life lost,

In the giant maze that’s a cruel world.

The final moments before she becomes her ghost,

What could have and should have been raced by,

With flaccid arms and labored breath,

She tried to grab onto them.

But her heart failed her when her spirit reached out,

Her brutal resolve at war with her battered soul

The distant cries of a lone owl,

Sealed her doom in the pages of the gracious fallen,

And her troubled life, which the devil had stolen,

Seemed like a lifetime away, in the thrones of heaven.




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