If you could see the dark that dulled in people’s eyes, beneath the faint fake light that reflects on the surface, you’d know what a sad place a man’s mind can be. If you could read the hurt behind every perfect smile and see the scars inside of those covered up hearts, you’d know just how broken the world is. Everyone is fighting a battle despite what they may literary seem to be. There’s so many broken pieces inside so many nice casings that could fill an entire ocean threefold. There’s so many disturbed souls in otherwise flawless bodies that if let out, this world would not even remember what sunlight felt like. Oh, they’d be stories told to children about happier times when there was light and night was just a few hours of sleep. Not a prolonged nightmare of fear with no hope of salvation.


If you could read a person’s mind and touch into the very depths of their subconscious, past the barriers and into the things they  wouldn’t even dare relieve for themselves, you’d see just how twisted and demented even the most ‘basic’ of people could be. You’d see the world as it is; a cold dark place full of lost souls and greedy bastards with perverted intentions for helpless beings weak and defenseless. You would see past the flimsy illusions that appearances uphold and your eyes would open in the light that’s dark and sadly, so true.


But if you could read my mind.


You’d only see how much I want you.


Because that, only that, covers everything else and tucks them in a tiny box labeled “Later, and possibly Never”


Then you’d know just how fucked up it is that I can’t ever have you. 

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