Moving Angel


She had black hair and fiery eyes,

Pierced lips and a silvered mouth,

The kind that gathered promises and told lies

ImageHer body was a canvas of various inks,

They told stories and covered scars.

And the dark that collected in her wayward soul

Showed up dominantly in her rugged clothes

She had me at hello.


Eyes that glazed with frost and warmed with deception,

Caged my demons with their unknown intentions.

With heartbeats that fought anxiety,

I felt the soft edges of her perfect face.

An icy smile glowed across that face,

Carrying with it a ton of ambiguous charm,

And with words hidden beneath a glorious voice,

She stole the last traces of my fallen essence.  


Dark days and long nights,

Strange ways and morbid sights,

Slow sex with ancient wine,

Lost in the clouds, crossing every line

Entwined fates?

Maybe just passing fortunes

But while I was astray in the maze of thought

She was gone, after whatever she sought.











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