In Due Time

Grey as the ashes and wild as the seas,

The skies gleamed dull with uneasy peace,

Like bared steel gates that held back a monster,

The cold haunted eyes that shone inside her.

Indelible scars and bruises from another life,

A distant past in a forgotten world

They are buried in shallow and covered up neat,

Beneath years of practice and layers of deceit,

Invisible to everyone, to anyone who sees,

But like the rage of a caged flogged beast,

Something grows and piles up inside her,

For all the times her fragile heart ever broke,

The devil inside her rose and spoke,

And with the turmoil in her head, her conflicted mind,

So typical and predictable of her ruined kind,

She listened.

Oh, she did listen.

Then one night when the world sleeps,

When everything inside her finally slips,

The fires that rage in her soul will creep out,

And burn this cursed place to the black ground.


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