Let Go

The pieces are falling apart,
The fragile little fragments of your heImageart,
And they scatter wildly in the draught,
That somehow feels like a rogue storm.
Your world’s a mess, and there’s voices in your head,
Abyss is a place, just on the other side of the bed,
For the reigns that held you so tight to reality
Snap like faded twigs in a whirlwind.
The confines of your mind throb like a concrete city,
Insanity beckons with an evil grin,
But midst all the fracas and chaos,
All the hate and rage foul like sin,
At the dead center of your darkness,
Their strays that tiny ray of light,
The epitome of hope in your endless despair,
And it almost ridicules you, staying in sight,
But just a little out of touch,
The tips of you caress the edges of that radiant glow,
As your insides fade away, nice and slow…

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