comfortably_numb_by_johnkyo-d54dvatNightfall in the fallen chambers of your heart,

Thick darkness you could feel the obscure blunt edges,

Creep up the broken cracks on its uneven surface,

And pour inside, slithers in in cold frozen seams,

Icing every single vein in its path,

Blurring every feeling that keeps you alive,

When the blood in you goes cold devoid of emotion,

And your mind rages wars just to help you survive

The pain that dug so deep and left you hollow,

Now just a faded memory without even a dull ache,

The time when all religion you claimed to follow,

Couldn’t save you from the world and your hopeless self,

Now only a distant mirage that left seething scars,

But you can’t feel the scars anymore,

Run your frail fingers across your chest and you can’t feel your heart either,

We all get addicted to sometime that take the pain away,

But even all the wretched demons you slay,

And the ill-fated souls you claim,

Cannot bring back the life lost in you


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