The clinic was very much like all other health places. Neat, white and with the characteristic stench of medicine. The walls had also been painted white and different posters showing random body and health facts hung everywhere. There was a small ante room with a secretary and a lounge chair. She left him there and walked into the adjoining office, alone.

The doctor was tall. Really tall. Like seven feet tall or thereabout. It was obviously the first thing you noticed about him. And he wore copper rimmed full rectangle spectacles, just like all other doctors did. She however noticed that he did not have his lab cot on. Whether by choice or otherwise, she didn’t really think much of it. He had a stethoscope though, hanging nicely around his lean neck.

He invited her to sit on the patients or visitors chair, and smiled reassuringly.

“What can I do for you today?”

Nervous, she looked at her fingers. Planning her words.

“I want to have a baby.” She checked herself. “Actually, it’s we. We want a baby.”

“Oh, well, congratulations are in order then,” his smile widened even further. Before she could speak again, he said,

“But I’m not sure what it is exactly you need me for.”

Mustering a little confidence from wherever, she spoke.

“I’m well aware of your specialties doctor. I was just hoping for a random check-up or something. Just to make sure everything’s fine. And you could maybe recommend a few gynecologists for me?”

A short pause as he looked at her over the top rim of his glasses.

“Oh, I see. That shouldn’t be a problem,” a smile. “How soon do you want this?”

“As soon as possible doctor.”

“Alright then. I’ll just give you a few forms to fill as a pre mandatory to the check-up. Then we could schedule you in sometime next week? If that’s fine with you.”

“Its great doctor, thank you”

“No problem. I could give you a list of gynecologists around or I could recommend one I’m particularly acquainted with. Best in her field.”

Her trust issues kicked in.

But she hated to sound rude.

“I think I’ll just go with the whole thing.” Fake smile.

“As you wish then.”


She was ushered out less than two minutes later, feeling nervous as hell.


She had no idea. Something felt strange. But his brightening face from the lounge chairs somewhat rendered all her worries null and void. She walked to him, feeling all the tension ease with every step she took.

“How’d it go?”

“Good. Great. We should be ready by next week,”

She replied, handing him the forms she’d been given a little earlier.

“I just have to fill these first,”

He didn’t even look at them.

“Don’t worry too much, it’ll be okay. You’ll see,”

They marched out together. Like a fucking two person army.


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