_ 2

He moved slowly to her side of the bed and stood over her small figure. Just stood there for a while, looking down at her curled body and thinking a million things. Thinking of what to say that could end her misery, their misery. Because he could literary feel its pressing magnitude bear down upon them. Still he found no appropriate words. And she remained still, staring down at something on the bed.


He placed a nervous forefinger under her chin and pulled up slowly, still unsure if it was the right thing to do. She shuddered a little under his touch, because of how unexpected it was. She had expected him to be repulsed by her, to loathe and to reject her. But he was touching her. He was still there.

And she felt his confusion just as he had felt her fears and uncertainties. For the single moment that she lifted up her eyes to meet his, she saw everything unfold from tangled seams into perfect layers. She felt it as if it was right there, down in her pits.


And no one said anything for a while. They just remained still, lost in something inexplicable. Lost in an alternate hazy universe that transcended somewhere above normality. Everything raw and fresh, opened up wide like giant doors, emancipating even the tiniest of details held up under layers of humanity; fears and confusion.

It felt damn good too.




Three Months Earlier


Megan wanted to see her doctor first. Even after they talked about it for endless nights and long days, she said she had to know everything first before she took such an important step like bringing another human being into this cold world.

Having a baby had never really been on their to-do list. Theirs had been a hot-rolling stone like rush of passion and reckless emotions-type of relationship.


But now, when they figured they’d probably be tied to one another so far into the foreseeable future, a baby kind of just jumped into the mix. And he could see she was excited too about the idea. Perhaps even more than he was. The way her face always lit up whenever they talked about that, and how positively the mood around the house changed.


So he let her make the appointment.


And let her drag him along too.





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