Crowded thoughts all jumbled up,

Screaming wild,

Porous minds and faded walls,

Reeking of yesterday and disgust,

Memories and the pain they bring,

The guilt they sire, from somewhere within,

For broken promises, the snakes they sing,

With malice and vengeance,

And contempt with hateful eyes.

Your walls crack and your sanity shatters,

Dark thoughts flood in and overcome,

Grim ways to escape,

As the little pieces of you slowly break,

Death beckons, its soothing hand coated in promises,

But twisted with dark intentions and evil treachery

It wears the most indulging of its faces,

Smiles and smirks and hangs lowly from white ceilings,


Sits waiting patiently in cold black chambers,

Or crowd in small pills, little orange bottles,

Lays on even surface, the blades gleaming in partial light,


In a slow sadistically alluring seduction,

Calling out past your flimsy skin to the blood in your veins. 


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