Memento Mori

A moment in time with you,

Is more than a lifetime or immortality

Was what he said and you saw right through,

His callow heart and knew it was true,

But when he said you filled the hole in his soul,

That he’d give his last breath for you,

You never thought it’d be so gruesomely practical,

The cold arm of death knocked at your door,

A fierce grip around the one you loved most,

That special part of your heart now forever lost,

When a million tears couldn’t bring him back,

You know because you have cried,

And neither could a thousand lifetimes fix that gaping crack,

You know because you have tried.



At the apex of the sky scrapping magnificent,

The slim thinning air and the clouds so near,

He stood,

In the silence of the night

He thought he’d finally conquered fear,

Under the glow of the radiant crescent,

He prepared for the fall,

The only way he could ever walk away from it all,

Amidst the plunders of abject despair and a troubled life,

It was a moment he found himself totally at peace,

When he resigned himself to the forces of fate,

And rid his heart of all the clouding echoes of hate,

He found tranquillity and fullness he’d never known,

He took a step forward, his heart shuddered,

Drove himself to the edge of the ledge as his head pondered,

Forcefully, he flung himself from the rooftop,

Only to get caught in the tangles of an invisible hanging rope



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