Masters and Monsters

There’s the path we take,

And all the friends we make,

Then there’s something else,

Other than the lives at stake,

Where we seek our souls to place


The deeds we’ve done and the sins we have,

The words we said and those we didn’t,

When our dues are paid to the masters we serve,

Are we still bound by the loyalties we pledged

To the forces of doom and the demons they caged?

When is the end?

What is the end?

For the vagueness and desperation my dear friend,

Cannot allow us to any longer pretend.


Cross roads and forked ways,

Choices to take and decisions to be made,

Split personalities the doctor says,

Are more than just sure ways,

To know you’ve gone astray,

Shame, behind our backs, our hands are tied,

Broken hearts for every time we ever lied,


Crawling out of their anguish, our victims merge,

Seething with hate and baying for blood, they charge,

Strong in masses and craving for revenge,

Stand tall with mock courage and fight,

Or cower away and flee with fright.


Still the stage is set and the judges await,

Stakes are up and the fires ablaze,

And our masters, they can’t save us now.



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