Take Me Away

Silent echoes and dead nights,

Cracked reflections in the blurring lights,

Lost hopes, giving up the fight,

Stand alone, devoid of belief,

Scuttling through forever like a lost ghost,

Wandering in reality that’s a waking nightmare,

Time hazes by, still I remain a soul so lost,

Left behind a wretched mess of myself,

While you lay somewhere peaceful cold and divine,

Wrapped in white, motionless with serenity.

I tried to shield you from the whole world,

And to protect you from all your demons,

But all the while you searched for the great escape,

So while i agonise in the shadows of your memory,

Clinging to past happiness that’s fifty shades darker,

I hope you reign in your new glory,

I hope you feel all the knives in my story,

And as you soar to infinity with all the pieces of me,

Send the angels that guided you astray,

To come down and take me away…


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