Part 3

He froze in place. Every part of his body going numb with shock, surprise and fright. He really did not like guns. He slowly lifted his eyes from the threatening nozzle and peered at the person behind the trigger, his heart racing in overdrive, his brain still too confused to even make up any explanations or pleas. It was like it had completely shut down, yet he was aware of everything around him to acute detail. The man wasn’t a sight to behold either. Thick lashes covered dark, brown and threatening eyes that bore upon him with a really dangerous stare. His long sandy hair fell on in shoulders in an abrupt cut, covering both his ears.  Even so, you could still see the tough jaw line that gave him the look of a German wrestler. He was a domineering six feet something too, which did not make matters any easier. His finger flexed lightly on the trigger, the traveller shivered.

“Who are you?” he asked in a low growl for a voice.

“My name’s Will,” he answered. Well aware of the shaky in his voice.

The man regarded him for a short while.

“A little too unlikely a weather to be on the road don’t you think? He asked, lowering his gun and pointing it subtly at the backpack that hung loosely on his side. He had obviously determined that Will was no obvious threat and had visibly relaxed.

“I tried knocking,” he shrugged politely as an excuse. His travels were not anything he was so willing to discuss.

“I was away, you might have noticed” the gruff man replied and looked to his feet. Will followed and rested his eyes on a deer-like animal that lay crumpled on the floor, obviously lifeless.

An awkward silence ensued, the two men regarding each other without words. Finally, the man spoke, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Well, come on then. I suppose you hiding from that awful depressing weather.”


An hour later, the two men sat on the opposite chairs, now dragged so that they faced the now re-ignited fire. Will was now comfortably draped in some heavy jacket that was probably made from the skin of some animal. He clutched the mug of hot coffee offered to him tightly like it was an endangered little baby. His host sat in the other chair, staring straight into the sparkles of the glowing fire. He was boldly dressed in a simple blue shirt, seemingly oblivious of the cold. It was silent, Will found that comforting. He did not enjoy it for long though.


“You seem like troubled young man, Will.”  The man found his eyes…

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