I saw how the world ends,

Through the dark sheds of pretence,

I saw the smoke of the fires ablaze,

Up in slow motion, as i fell from grace,

Cold dark eyes of he who fanned the flames,

 I saw the vengeance, kind of which heaven sends,

Long ago was solace, now its hate and dark friends,

Guide me oh lord, as i fall through this valley to the shadows of death,

Hold my hand and seal my lips,

To scream no more and let my soul, the finder who keeps

Shut my eyes and blur my visions,

From the faces of they who have made me their ambitions,

Cushion me from this fall,

Or help me land feet first,

When i asked you to protect me from them all,

But they who almost had stolen my trust,

Now i want to watch them burn in the fires they lit,

And feed their ashes to the underworld ghouls,

A piece of peace as on their graves i spit,

But a little voice said forgiveness,

So, forgive them? For revenge is cold,

Dig two graves before its quest, or so I’m told,

Maybe i should let them be, for the long they’ve cried,

But forgive me oh Lord, for i have lied,

All i want, all my thoughts amplified,

Is that after the person that was me,

Rage down in fury then let there be,





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