Cracks on an even surface,

Obscured by ages of filth and lies,

Haunted eyes that peek through keyholes,

Dead black walls that contain her shrieking cries

Fed with fear, chained to cold silver poles,

Stripped of all hope left bare with no dignity,

A creature of abuse, betrayed by love,

By family and trust, that is her twisted reality,

For weaklings were built to slave and to serve,

Just as the cursed have no place in the borders of humanity,

For cursed she was, a rogue child from normality,

Different as hell, a disturbed little freak,

Burn her back to heaven and show her the way,

Make her straight, light her sins away.

She felt the light slowly fade away from her eyes,

As the glacial despair descended upon her like a cloud,

To be enslaved by her protectors,

And punished for the supposed evil that she was,

Far away from she who fought her wars,

Keeper of heart and soul, but they were forbidden.

But amidst the rasp breaths and laboured heart beats,

At the brinks of anguish and borders of misery,

Faint light shone upon the forgotten promises,

Of strength in fight, and hope in loses,

Of resilience in fire; they were made in paradise,

Vision her face, her radiant eyes,

Find your might in the confines of her perfect smile,

Emancipate your soul, and the monster within,

Scream yourself free, breakaway from sin,

Server your chains, and rise above the oppression,

Burn their flames and their fickle opinions,

Walk through their torment,

Trample upon their faith, crooked and bent,

She awaits you at the horizon, magnificent with glow,

Fear not, be who you are,







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