Some things never change,

They stand the test of time and remain the same,

Fear of the unknown, apprehension of the strange,

Loathe of the shame and embracing the fame,

Some wounds never heal,

And then time becomes irrelevant,

As the days pass and years drift away,

The feelings stuck,

The pain becomes indelible,

The resentment that grew with the hurt,

Was just a shadow that masked the part

Of you that still felt the same

The frailty of a heart that could never learn,

Reminiscence of the past that’s gone with the fun,

Rising to a place where all her sins were forgotten,

Maybe even forgiven, it gets so hard to tell.

Everything seems the same yet so much different,

When you’re looking back through time,

With a pair of experienced rebirthed eyes,

The perfection that gleamed from her enchanting eyes,

Now appear choreographed as the wind or the flies,

So does the beauty that nattered your wandering soul,

Just part of the piece of a whole.


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