Save Me

There’s a million voices screaming in my head,

And just as many monsters beneath my bed,

There’s no place to hide anymore,

When even the bottom of your soul has been turned inside out,

But even there, in the cold light of day,

As i lay bare, begging my sanity to stay,

I was as invisible as spirits in a human world,

Scorching in the bright lights of heaven,

Burning in the eternal flames of hell,

I still was invisible to everyone,

But you,

You saw my pain and thought you could take it away,

Heard my silent pleas, and began to pray,

For a soul already condemned to infinite dark doom

Battled my darkness and fought my gloom,

Waging wars that you could only lose.

But for a moment i felt your presence,

The still small voice amidst my silence,

A moment of calm in all that chaos,

The soft glow of your pure radiance,

Pulling me back closer to the even surface

I felt the emancipation of my chained emotions,

As i almost began to feel again

But the shackles of fate tightened around my neck,

Crushed my bones and jerked me awake,

Away from you my glorious saviour,

I saw your face as i drowned deeper,

Your outstretched hand that drifted away

Tears stole the light right from your eyes,

I watched from a distance, helpless as flies,

The higher i rose,

The further i sank,

Despair no more at cruel reality,

For I’ll leave you the broken pieces of my humanity,

To fix that sorrowful memory of me,

As i lay here in nothing, cold and alone,

The heart you couldn’t save, that’s far too gone.




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