The End




Nothing’s ever built to last,

Everything eventually falls apart,

Time passes and everything fades away,

Somewhere beneath that distant horizon,

Your sunset awaits your arrival patiently.

There’s not always light, sometimes it’s dark,

Pitch black with the appalling stench of death,

The lifeless notions that wrap around you,

Cut into your surface and all the way through,

They soar you to the nothingness above,

Just to let you fall,

Crashing down into the bottomless sea,

Surrounded by the chocking waters, cold & icy,

Drowning in something you shouldn’t feel,  

Dying of something that’s supposed to heal,

Lose yourself in the organised chaos,

Let the inevitable take over you,

For the more you try to fight with all your might,

The more the pain, the scarier the fright,

Never felt more alive even at the onset of demise,

When even the deepest of your soul goes numb,

But you still every ounce of the blood drop,

The final end approaches thick and coated with spite,

Feel the darkness, as your heartbeats slow, then stop.



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