Death and Glory

Maybe after all, there’s glory in death,

A sense of ultimate victory in defeat,

And the life that comes after your last breath,

Is the only thing worth holding onto now,

The dreams you had of a nonexistent earth,

Transformed into harsh realities of a life too much to bear,

You are pushed to a corner and forced not to care,

Because even after the hope for survival became your everyday prayer,

Still the pain of living became an indelible affair,

But take heart; do not despair,

Because there is another way out,

A way that will grant you serene peace of mind,

And tranquillity to all your troubled doomed souls,

Away from all your demons, as you leave them all behind,

Soar to a distant reality, from the ensuing, haunting ghouls,

Just hold my hand as we thread down this unusual path,

Fear not, my dear, of the approaching darkness,

Just close your pretty sapphire eyes and shut the world outside,

Lemme guide you through, feel nothing but my presence,

Calm your thoughts, let your heart be sanctified,

As the cold arm of death slogs into your very essence,

Hold onto me and wait for your ways to be purified,

Emancipate all your hidden emotions, dislodge your built up defences,

Scream and cry into my shirt,

But worry not, for soon it’ll be over,

And victory will be yours to savour,

It’s going to be cold, but I’ll keep you warm,

Even with the frailty of our heartbeats,

Let us be unified into one because the battle against life,

We have already won,

Forever revere in the,

         Life after Death

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