When it’s all said and done,

and the past glories nothing but a distant memory,

you stood and watched the bridges burn,

holding onto something that’s already gone,

all of a sudden you find yourself alone,

shattered and severed from everything you’ve ever known,

from the depths of your anguish, a dread has grown,

from the zenith of your pains, fears you never knew,

fight with unbecoming might to consume you,

the monsters that hide in the shadows of the real you,

the demons in the darkness of yuor soul are screaming too,

trying to convince yourself that all you’re hearing are voices,

but the struggles of today are just but a reconaissance,

the real battle is up next to divulge all your vices,

and the evil that’s you, merely obscured by a flimsy mask,

shudder as you think of the gravity of the impending task,

the damning doom that awaits you because it’s a war you can’t win,

but it’s your devils, the scum you are drowning in,

and it’s your own self holding your head under the water,

weaken as you feel the life slowly ebb out of you, your lungs getting hotter, 

screaming as they crave for that one tiny taste of the free air above,

stricken, you wonder how long the pain is going to last,

because it’s too much and youu wanna be done with it fast,

but as the echoes and shouts continue to tortue you reverbeting around the walls of your head,

so do the secrets of your past claw and gnash at your soul untill you have bled,

out every ounce of the wretched filth that flows in your condemned blood,

they haunt your every waking moment and overwhelm you in floods,

just when you think your suffering’s over, the worst begins,

when everyone stuck to the script, you were busy skipping scenes,

now it’s time to face the consequences and pay for all your sins..


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